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              Technology Overview


              PipeLine Machinery International (PLM) presents Cat Connect Technology, a suite of hardware and software tools  available for Cat equipment, as well as other manufacturers' equipment and assets.  Some tools are integrated into equipment at the factory, while others can be dealer installed or retrofit to older equipment.


              Link: Gathers data generated by your assets and jobsites, serving it up in easy-to-digest bites.  Useful insights come automatically and accurately via one digital interface.

              • Cat® Product Link™ is a comprehensive remote monitoring and asset management solution, with remarkably intuitive web interfaces that transform data from a customer's entire fleet of equipment into the essential information required to boost productivity, reduce costs and manage risks.  For more detailed information, click on the Cat Link information sheet below.
              • VisionLink® is the easy-to-use interface that turns the data and insights into actionable information regarding asset location, operation, health, productivity and more.  For more detailed information, click on the VisionLink information sheet below.

              Load Monitoring: Gathers payload information so that you know what’s on the line.

              • LMI V4 Pipelayer System will wirelessly provide the operator with accurate load information, significantly reducing the potential for costly and dangerous overloading, tip-overs and other jobsite accidents.
              • Winchsmart answers the challenge to that steep pipeline work with tow line cables between machines.  The operator will have accurate load information so as to protect your crew and your equipment.

                  For more detailed information on PLM Load Monitoring, click here.


              Detect: Improves operator awareness of the work environment, reducing the chance of accidents.  It also helps prevent unauthorized use of equipment.

              • Cat Detection for Personnel is a safety option available that determines the temporary, dynamic dangerous work zone.  Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is placed within protective equipment such as safety vests or hard hats, and an antenna is installed in the equipment to communicate with the RFID tags.  The operator will be alerted with a visible and audible alarm if a ground worker is within the vicinity of the equipment while it is moving.  For more detailed information, click on the Cat Detect information sheet below.
              • Cat WAVS - The Work Area Vision System (WAVS) was designed to improve an equipment operator's view of busy jobsites.  With options featuring up to four robust, external closed-circuit cameras and in-cab-mounted display monitor, CAt WAVS enhances an operator's awareness of the site surroundings, work tool activities and changes in work area conditions - increasing safety and productivity.  For more detailed information, click on the WAVS information sheet below.
              • The Powerline Proximity System by Cranesmart detects high voltage, protecting the operator and the equipment.  Available as a stand-alone unit, or in conjunction with LMI systems for pipelayers, this innovative solution will wirelessly send a visual and audio alarm to the operator that warns in real-time of potential hazards.  For more detailed information on powerline proximity devices, click here.

              Technology Information Downloads

              For more information regarding PLM's pipeline equipment and solutions, please contact us.

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