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              PLM understands the challenge of servicing equipment in remote areas.  For this reason, a global product support team is in place whose main purpose is to be the liaison between you, the local Cat® dealer partner and Caterpillar®.  The PLM Product Support Coordinator (PSC) team is made up of pipeline specialists who know the pipeline construction industry and the unique equipment challenges it faces. 

              What this means for you is that PLM, using the entire Cat dealer parts and service network as a resource, will make sure that your Cat pipeline equipment remains operational – no matter where the equipment is located.   

              HOW IT WORKS

              Your equipment is maintained and serviced by the local Cat dealer partner that is responsible for the geographical location your pipeline project will be working in.  The PSC assigned to your project will first make sure that you know who to contact at the local Cat dealer where your project is located.  Then we make sure the local Cat dealer is prepared for the influx of machines and all the maintenance, parts and repair requirements that come with a pipeline project.  Even before your project is under way, a PSC will visit with the local Cat dealer field service, service and parts personnel to help forecast your needs as the pipeline is being constructed.  For the duration of your project, a PSC will make visits to the jobsite, connecting with you and the local dealer to address any needs or challenges you may be facing.  Our goal is to identify those challenges and help you solve them.

              The PLM Product Support team also serves as the single point-of-contact for equipment and ancillary product manufacturers so that challenges are addressed efficiently and communicated to you and your local dealer field service technicians in a timely manner.  Equipment warranty functions are administrated through this department as well as technology management for Cat Connect, which gives you real-time data (GPS location, hours, fault codes, etc.) on your machines so that any challenge can be addressed right away.

              PLM Product Support Manager - USTayne

              Tayne Ivie
              Telephone:  1-713-580-8479
              Email:  tivie@www.gw2goldshop.com

              PLM Product Support Manager - JohnCanada

              John Bilawka
              Telephone:  1-780-288-4570
              Email:  jbilawka@www.gw2goldshop.com


              For more information, please contact us or one of the support personnel listed here:
              Ralph Hendricks
              Product Support Coordinator
              (904) 315-7930

              Correy Trudeau
              Product Support Coordinator
              (780) 289-1160
              Seth Bowley
              Product Support Coordinator
              (346) 666-2914
              Matt Barkdull
              Rental Manager
              (713) 580-8453
              Eric Youngblood
              Product Support Coordinator
              (832) 302-5269
              David Burnett
              Technical Communicator
              North America
              (713) 997-0106
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